Ajatin is a water based disinfection pharmaceutical preparation with wide range of efficiency containing quaternary ammonium salt as an active ingredient.

It shows the best effect against G+ bacteria, yeast, fungi and enveloped viruses. Its advetages are stability, low toxicity and low irritability and also can be used by people with thyroidal problems.

AJATIN is one of the most widespread disinfection products found in firs-aid kits.



  1. treatment of small skin injuries such as cuts, abrasions, burns
  2. oral herpes treatment (prevention from spreading)
  3. insect bite disinfection
  4. tick removal disinfection
  5. hand and skin disinfection (before injection, surgery, splinter removal, tatooing, piercing)

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Medical practice use

  1. skin disinfection before minor surgical impacts (injections, punctures, skin surgeries)
  2. surgical field preparation
  3. sugar detection (diabetes)
  4. varicose ulcer disinfection
  5. other diseases caused by mikrorganisms