AJATIN® PROFARMA tinktura + AJATIN® PROFARMA tinktura with mechanical dispenser


Ajatin is registered medicinal preparation. It is an effective disinfection solution with wide anti-microbial range. It is a 1% water solution of quaternary ammonium salt that has a tested effect on bacteria, enveloped viruses, yeast, fungi and some other pathogens. It is very stable and it does not loose its efficacy after a long time. It can be used in almost all cases except from people having the sensitive reaction on benzalkonium salts (very rare). Therefore many users are adding this active ingredient as preservatives in eye drops and other preparations with determined use on a very sensitive tissues.


Spray with mechanical dispenser or wipe with soaked tampon the area of skin. Let it work until it dries up.

Where and why to use it:

  1. disinfection care for small skin injuries such as abrasions, burns, cuts, punctures
  2. skin disinfection before any skin impact (punctures, tatoos, piercing)
  3. disinfection of skin after insect bites or stings
  4. disinfection of the place of tick bite
  5. hand or feet disinfection (Ajatin Akut)


For use on skin as a disinfection before injection application, punkture or small surgical impacts.

AJATIN AKUT spray is a pocket packaging determined for acute disinfection of hands, feet, surfaces, objets or other things that can be contaminated by the pathogene microrganisms and that could cause infection.