• Higly efficient disinfection solution with wide range of antimcrobial (bacteria, viruses, TBC, algae, funge, MRSA) action for washing and disinfection

• determined for use on instruments, devices, objects and surfaces

• non-aggressive to majority of materials (containing the anti-corrosive agent and pH friendly value)

• usable in health care, food industry, veterinary care and public services


It contains two active ingredientses that multiply their effect against the pathogens (N-(3-aminopropyl)-N-dodecylpropan-1,3-diamin and benzalkonium salt). It also contains the amphoteric detergent that posses very good washing efficiency.


• Higly efficint disinfection solution with complete spectrum of efficiency against all pathgogenic organisms (chemical sterilant)

• Non-aggressive to majority of materials (tested on medical devices of manufacturer Karl Storz and on Institute of Chemical Technology, Prague)
• Containing a safe OPA (o-phtalaldehyd) that does not require pre-activation and is effective in low concentrations

• Possible repeated use (testing stripes available for detection of minumum effective concentration in re-used solution)

• Easy and economic solution with high use value


• It is a medical device clasified as II.b for high level disinfection of other medical devices especially those that can not be sterilized by heat (thermolabile devices made of polymers or other non stable materials – probes, endoscopes, cynylas etc)

• It is a product that combines two active ingredientses, that multipy their anti-microbial effect and also having a slight washing properties

• It contains anticorrosive agent securing good material compatibility