You can avoid health complications when taking right care of your feet and shoes. You can prevent yourself from skin, nail or other problems of your feet. Possible infections can occur in all seasons of the year. Perspiration and humidity increase together with temperatures around 30 °C are ideal conditions for microbs proliferation and infection rise.

Sweat and smell

Increased sweating accompanied with smell of feet are the signs of improper care of feet and shoes. If we do not start an intensive care, the symptoms of fungi disease can appear. The symptoms are usually found between 4. and 5. toe. The skin begins to itch and the nascent inflammation causes the pain. Fungal disease of nails and nail beds are very painful, persistent and difficult to cure. Therefore it is necessary to begin with therapy immidiately! Neglected fungal infection is difficult to cure afterwards. Local medicinal preparations (ointments, solutions) do not work and the patient has to use system antimycotics. The fungitis is not only a feet diseas. It can appear anywhere on the body (hands, groins, hair etc).

Intensive care

– thorough personal hygiene, everyday feet washing, complete drying of all places of feet
– everyday change of socks, if possible regular change of shoes
– use of disinfection products
– good quality shoes (breathable materials)


The fungi are easily transferable. They can be found in showers, toilets, sanitary facilities and other public places. Therefore it is recommended to treat the endangered places with disinfection preparation such as AJATIN® ProShoes,Akut sprej 1% or AJATIN® PROFARMA solution. For the treatment of shoes use preparation AJATIN® ProShoes or Akut 1% or AJATIN® Plus especially for shoes that are borrowed. All 3 products are non-irritating, highly effective and can be used for a long time. They are not corrosive so they do not influence the integrality of the shoe´s materials.

Disinfection solutions for prevention and treatment of feet problems

AJATIN® Akut sprej 1%
is a pocket product determined for acute disinfection of hand, feet, skin, objects and surfaces that could be contaminated with pathogenes that could cause infection disease. Spray the solution on place to disinfect and keep it working for at least 5 minutes or to dry up.

is a medicinal preparation for treatment of minor skin problems caused by microbes or for disinfection of small wounds (cuts, abrasions, punctures etc.). It is also effective against the primary stages of fungal infections and for their prevention. Spray the product on affected place and keep it working for minimum 5 minutes or drying up.


Disinfection solutions for prevention and treatment of shoes