Water is the most important component for a great pleasure during the swimming in your own pool. There are two procedures to combine to reach the perfet cleanness of the pool. (mechanical and chemical cleaning).

Mechanical cleaning

We use a good filtration device and under-water vacuum cleaner.


Chemical cleaning

In present days there is an emphasis put on having a good quality water that is low irritating the skin, eyes etc. Many people try to not to use the Chlorine based disinfection products because thay are irritating skin, eyes and can cause diziness when used in higher concentration. The chlorine based products smell and need to be refilled regularly. If the user forgets to re-fill the chlorin in water, the water can be contaminated very quickly and needs to be replaced. Our disinfection is a quaternary ammonium salt that is very low toxic, low irritating and persist in water without evaporationg. The user will need only a very low concentration of disinfection product with a long time of function.


AJATIN® Plus 1% and AJATIN Plus Extra – dilution

pool volume (l) required concentration in pool how much product required
100 0,005 0,5
500 0,005 2,5
1000 0,005 5
2000 0,005 10

AJATIN® Plus 10% roztok

pool volume (l) required concentration in pool how much product required
100 0,005 0,05
500 0,005 0,25
1000 0,005 0,5
2000 0,005 1
3000 0,005 1,5
10 000 0,005 5

We keep the right concentration of disinfection in pool according to amount of re-filling water.
The quaternarry ammonium salts are used for prevention and reduction of algae. The principle of their function is algae coagulation and fall on the bottom of pool where they can be easily cleaned (vacuumed).


The Ajatin products can be added in water but only in a percentage below 0,001%. If the concentration was higher the water organism dying could occure. The concentration count can be a problem in such cases. Pay attention before filling. It is recommended to use less than more of the disinfection product to prevent it from organism dying. When you notice a higher growth of algae than it is a sign of under limit concentration. If you decide to add the product during the year please count the maximum volume for concentration up to 0,0005 % in total water volume.