AJATIN solutions are very efficient and low toxic and therefore they can be used for disinfection and cleaning of your pets shelters such as aquariums, terrariums, cages or other shelters. The regular cleaning and disinfecton prevent your pet from possible infection caused by microbes of all kinds.


Terrariums and cages

Remove all the animals and objects (heating stones, caves, feeder, atractions) from the shelter. Spray or wipe the objects with the disinfection solution AJATIN. Let it work for minimum 5 minutes. Do the same when cleaning the inside of the terrarium or cage. Pay more attention to the joints, folds or other places where the microbes can survive. Finally wipe the wet surfaces with clean towel. Do not return the animals back before the inside is completely dry.



Remove all fish, plants, objects (filtrs, blowers, pipes) or other animals from the container. Empty the container and spray or wipe the surface with solution AJATIN. Keep it work for 5 to 10 minutes. Do the same with the object. You can also insert the objects into 1% solution and keep it there for minimum required disinfection time to reach all the points. Wash and flush all the disinfected surfaces and objects with a lot off fresh water before returning back in the aquarium and before refilling.



AJATIN® PLUS is higly biodegradable and therefore safe for the warm-blooded organisms. The active chemical substance is toxic for other water organisms such as daphnias, fish, algae and others. Because of this reason it is necessary to flush and wash all the surfaces with planty of water to avoid possible problems.


AJATIN® Plus 1% roztok …………. BKC (1%) water solution
AJATIN® Plus 10% roztok ………… BKC (10%) water solution
The products are in 500ml, 1000ml and 5000ml containers. All bottles can be equipped with mechanical dispensers.