AJATIN Plus 10%

The products are in 500ml, 1000ml and 5000ml containers. All bottles can be equipped with mechanical dispensers.

The preparation is suitable for washing and disinfection of the teat. Use the well soaked paper towel and wipe properly the teat to prevent from possible microbial contamination.

Effeective substance:

BKC (bensalkonium salt in water)

Spectrum of effect:

baktericidal, fungicidal ( microskopic yeast and fibrous funghi), enveloped viruses (lipophilic viruses)

Instructions for use:

Dilute with water (20 – 25°C) before use on required concentration. Washing and disinfection is performed by the well soaked paper or cloth towel.

Dilution ratios:

Desired use Concentration (%) Dosing in 10l of water
Wiping and disinfection of udder before milking/td> 0,20 200 ml/ 10 l vody
Washing and disinfection of cloth towels 0,75 750 ml/ 10 l vody
Disinfection of teat sleeves 0,75 750 ml/ 10 l vody

How to use:

• Soak the paper towels in solution and wipe the udder immidiately.

• Soak the cloth towls in working solution. After that they are ready to use. Wash the towels properly in 0,5% AJATIN solution after every use.

Recommended procedure for teat wiping:

Prepare two indipendent pails. Prepare the 0,15% solution in one and insert in the towels. Prepare the 0,5 % solution in second pail. Use the towels from the first pail and put them in second pail after use. Keep the disinfection work for minimum 10 minutes. After this they are ready for the next use. Wipe and disinfect the teat just before the aplication of sucking nozzle.


Store in original packaging in dry and clean area separetly from food od drinking water. The temperature should not go under 15°C.


55 L PE jerry can